Photographic Memory

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Photographic Memory – Children Born Genius !

I feel that I have a responsibility to reveal certain secrets to you here at MIND to MIND. Secrets that hold you back from your success.

Have you ever wondered about the photographic memory?

What would you think if I told you that you were born with a photographic memory?

Some people carry over the photographic memory into adulthood. If you are not one of these people, why didn’t you carry it over as an adult too?

Stand by to be SHOCKED!

The answer to this is reading!

We were all born with a photographic memory. We never lose it. We have just lost the ability to USE it. Actually, more correctly, we’ve misplaced the access to it.

You learned phenomenal things as a small child — languages, social skills, etc. THEN, you went to school to learn a superior way to learn, or so we are led to believe.Statistics show that once we enter school, based on the rote – memory system of learning, learning slows down from that point on.

So, what is the primary thing that changed? You learned how to read! By learning how to read, no matter how ineffective it may be for you, you were force fed to learn it, or you were ostracized. A renegade! Some of those renegades are the same people that have carried over their photographic memory as an adult.

You see, the mechanics to learn to read, such as entrained tunnel vision, directly oppose you natural ability to access and utilize the photographic memory. By learning reading, a learned brain function, you gave up access to your natural brain function of the photographic memory.

Solution: You can learn how to access your natural photographic memory again by learning Mental Photography. What’s even more amazing is that while you are learning how to access your photographic memory, you start to see many other things start happening from exercising your brain this way.

You wonder why your children are genius and you’re not? Now you know!


  1. Peter says:


    What techniques, specifically, do you use to trigger recall?


  2. admin says:

    Hi Peter,

    It sounds as if you are shopping around. It would spoil the fun if we told you everything up front. When you make the commitment to use our training as it is taught, you will find out a lot more wonderful things, including what recall techniques we teach you to use.


  3. admin says:

    Hi Peter,

    It is nice to see you are enthusiastic.

    I was like most people when starting out, I really had a difficult time believing it. Since I started to school, we were all “driven” to be good readers; and told we would never be productive if we didn’t learn to read. It was what everyone does, period! So, yes, even I had my moments.

    Before I go on, I want you to know that ZOXing Information was NOT the reason I went into the training. I went to the training because I needed a way to take positive control of my subconscious, and thus take control of my life. I did that, and much more.

    And yes, I have had remarkable results with ZOXing.

    To answer your second question, I will tell you briefly of an experience that you may find hard to believe. I happened to be in an art gallery one day, and a woman that was standing nearby asked me what I thought about the artwork. Until I entered the gallery 10 minutes prior, I knew nothing about the artist or his work.

    Through my subconscious impressions of what I discerned about the artwork, I started telling the woman about the art, then about the artist as well, by what I “saw” in his art. She replied, “You must have been a friend of his for a long time. You are telling me things that only I know about. I am his wife.”

    The point is, Mental Photography (ZOXing) is NOT limited to information in a written form.

    DO I still read?, Of course I do. But anything of importance I ZOX first.


  4. admin says:

    Hi Peter,

    We teach you both methods, but we prefer that you start with books. There is less potential for electrical and other outside influence to be involved when you first start. Yes, we even think about how those things can affect you.


  5. admin says:


    Please review the other entries in this comment section.


  6. Peter says:

    Thank you Shannon! Shall I read the ebooks before, or concurrently with the training? Also, when you Zox information, and use a technique for ‘triggering’ recall, can you say all the information with your own words, or is it like reciting them, I think you know it, I’m just curious.

  7. Peter says:

    Hey Shannon,

    I believe your art story, that’s really cool!

    You said you still read, but why would you read if you can Zox? ‘Reading’ is the slow way to learn, right?


  8. admin says:

    The quicker you get the training, the easier it will be to find your own answers. And you will even find out the details of triggering and experience the growth for yourself, in many ways.

    You should gain perspective by reviewing the ebook, “ZOX Pro Training Works…” There are key reasons you should not consider the same as Hollywood wants you to believe. You won’t know the truth for yourself, until you do it for yourself. We cannot do YOUR work for you.


  9. admin says:


    I have just been reviewing a 200+ page of legislature, and want to know how it applies in a specific area of interest. The typical way I approach it is to first Mentally Photograph, or ZOX the entire document. (Do you realize how boring these things are to read? Yikes!)

    Then I will automatically be led exactly to the right piece or pieces of information I need. It saves a heap of time. Then I will “read” the specific information, so my conscious mind can digest it.

    Some of our clients choose not to read at all. Some of our clients cannot read because they activity of reading can actually be painful for them. ZOXing / Mental Photography is their only avenue to gain the information they need.


  10. John says:

    Hi Shannon,

    Why does is matter how fast the pages are turning? Say, you’re photographing wikipedia, then after that you read through the relevant material, wikipedia does not turn in pages.

    Can you flip through the pages slowly? Or is there something about the hands that is distracting to concentration? I am just curious.

    Thank you,

  11. admin says:


    You will receive the proper “full-length” instructions, including all the supporting information, and supporting synergistic techniques, when you purchase the training. We want people to gain the best results. To provide you anything less would be against our integrity.


  12. Ashley says:

    What about Cryptomnesia? Could this be proof of the existence of Eidetic Memory?

    I say this, because this phenomenon can occur during brainstorming or creative thinking.

    Authors such as Eco and Nietsche have had it and recalled entire sentences of text whilst working and thinking that the information was original thought, whilst it was actually a form of deep recall.

  13. admin says:


    Cryptomnesia occurs when a forgotten memory returns without it being recognized as such by the person, who believes it is something new and original. It is a memory that the person believes to be an original thought and not a memory. They may falsely recall generating a thought, an idea, etc., but not deliberately engaging in plagiarism or falsehood, but rather experiencing a memory as if it were a new inspiration.

    I think you are confusing the psychological intent, which in this case may seem similar to the way the photographic / eidetic memory acts. The main difference

      with ZOXing, is that you know the source. It is new to your conscious mind, but you feel you have known it all along, because it is associated with a memory.

    Whereas cryptomnesia has no such connection. The connection to the original memory is absent. When you recall information from your subconscious / eidetic memory by using ZOXing / Mental Photography, it will feel like you have known it forever, and you will have that connection to a memory.

    During brainstorming, you have not considered true creativity, such as Lateral Thinking; which enables the invention of new ideas.

    As you have pointed out with Eco and Nietsche, the information recalled had specific relation to memories, and not rationalized as new ideas without connection to memories. Their experience of verbatim recall of sentences, pages, etc., are not unlike the experiences of our clients.

    This does however PROVE that anyone can have recall of information through their eidetic memory. Most people that have it happen spontaneously, ignore the event as coincidence, rather than to recognize what it really is – Mental Photography and recall of subconscious information.

    Therefore, I would say that Cryptomnesia is quite different than how we access the eidetic memory / photographic memory for ZOXing / Mental Photography. Even though there are similarities, subconscious memories, the two are very different.


  14. Ashley says:

    Very interesting answer about Cryptomnesia. Another criticism about Eidetic Memory is that it does not do much else apart from just recall.

    For example, somebody once said to me that what would be the point of it if its only use is just arbitrary recall of information and no understanding of it whatsoever or any feelings of knowing that one has learnt the information. Like if somebody photographed a 200 page mathematics textbook, no learning or understanding of anything inside the book has occured. The only thing that can be achieved is only recall and nothing else.

    I presume that this does not happen with proficient zoxers.

  15. admin says:


    There are 3 levels of information proficeincy:

    Information: It is just that. You may not be ab le to do much with it, even if you can recite it verbatum.

    Knowledge: This is the ability to use the accumulated information for other purposes, decisions, lateral thinking, and so forth.

    Wisdom: (Example) Much information and knowledge is deemed dangerous. Wisdon is know WHEN to use it.

    Usually it will take you a long period of time to get from Information to Wisdon using conventional methods. What our clients experience is the consistent ability to gain all 3 levels at the same time. This is another way your time expenditure is cut dramatically.


  16. Anirudh says:

    I am very interested in ZOX Pro Training. How long would it take to master it completely. I am more than willing to practice it every single day for at least 1 hour.

  17. TWY says:

    So which means to say that ZOXing wouldn’t just able to recall but making us understand what we read too?

  18. admin says:


    Let’s start with this: If you are in college, and you find you are just not able to do the work or make the grades, you would need all of those things you have mentioned.

    ZOXing will provide for you in those ways and many more. You must understand, this is a holistic process, and must be learned and used likewise. As you become more familiar with the process, you become proficient, and your results become more and more reliable. So, even though reading is a completely different brain process, most people claim to get much more from reading material once they have their reliability of ZOXing.

    We do not recommend the clients having the “BIG TEST” coming up in less than 30 days to believe they would be proficient enough at that time to solely rely on this training. We have seen many clients do it. But due to the stress, we do not recommend it. Stress blocks results.


  19. admin says:


    Please consider using our FAQ area. YOu can get to it by visiting

    YOu will find this type of information there is very complete. If you still have questions, you can submit a support ticket at the same place. We can help you from there.

  20. Bozidar says:

    Can I download a free sample of ZOX Pro Training?

  21. sarmd says:

    Please, I want to buy The ZOX Pro Training system, but my country is not on the list of approved countries. Please provide me an alternative way to pay.
    nb: in Tripoli Libya we do have Western Union

    Thank you

  22. jack Anderson says:

    Am I going to be using each exercise every day?

  23. jack Anderson says:

    How do I purchase ZOX Pro Training?

  24. Arty says:

    I was very exited when i bought zox pro but i got stuumped when it said to do openings. Could you please explain.

  25. admin says:


    We do not answer training related questions in this forum.

    Please submit a ticket at the Helpdesk –

    Make sure you provide your proof of purchase.


  26. admin says:

    Jack Anderson,

    ZOX Pro Training is a complete synergistic system. All the exercises work together for greater results faster. Therefore, yes, you would use all of them daily.


  27. admin says:

    Go to and purchase ZOX Pro Training there.

  28. admin says:


    In situations like yours, we do take Western Union.

    Please submit a ticket to the Helpdesk –

    We will give you the instructions there.


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